Does your child need DTTC?

Does your child need DTTC?

Justin Rothermel | October 25, 2021

DTTC stands for Dynamic Temporal and Tactile Cueing and is primarily used to treat children with Childhood Apraxia of Speech (CAS).

CAS differs from phonological and articulation disorders in several ways. CAS is a motor speech disorder meaning that the messages from the brain are not received correctly by the muscles used in producing speech. The muscles may present with normal strength, but the movements are uncoordinated. There may be difficulties with producing vowels as well as producing sounds the same way each time. Most of the time, the causes of CAS are unknown.

DTTC is an evidence-based motor therapy approach specifically designed to improve the planning and production of speech sounds. DTTC therapy is very individualized and specific to each child and what patterns and movements need to be addressed. Functional words are selected to fit the movement goals. Children with severe CAS make good candidates for DTTC as long as they are able to demonstrate focused attention for at least a minute and be willing to attempt direct imitation.

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